The theatre is an alternative of life


The theatre is an alternative of life.

Another way to live life, another way to love, to dream and to believe in the dream.

Or, search for another way of living, creating, expressing, of the individual and the collective attitudes, thoughts, and feelings.

These are the “reasons” why, in the 20’s and 30’s of twentieth century on the world map of theatre, we see, artists who are not satisfied with the situation in the theatre, and look for another ways to express themselves, or to expend the world of theatre, to expand the perception of  the theatre artists of that time.

This is the birth of the alternative as a movement, the avant-garde, theatre of absurd through the works of Samuel Beckett, Eugene Ionesco, Edward Albee, Albert Camus, Slavomir Mrozek, Martin Esslin, Artur Adamov etc..

This cultural earthquake maces influences that even today are felt in the theatre. Also it is important to say that, the “postmodern artist” continues to search for other alternatives, who will live a mark in this new  “high-tech” era..