If Theatre is Your Life you Have to…


1. You always have to make choices. Whatever you work in theatre you have to make choices, choose the play, the scene, light, music, right corner, right movement, words, right face experience, specific voice and it is amazing, but hard in the same time… You have to think fast, usually in the crowd, and it does not depends always on you, so you have to make compromises between what you wish for and what you really can. Sometime dreams and possibilities are so far away. And, in the end, you will never know did you choose right thing. There is always… What if?

2. You have to begin always from the start. Everything is new, every screenplay, every play, every situation, every role, partners, scene, lights, music… You always have the feeling that this is your first time. And you really have so many questions and so little answers… It is fantastic experience but it can bring you so many fears, uncertainty… So you have to learn, over and over again, and you have to be open, brave and honest to yourself. It is wonderful but it is not easy…

Krapp's Last Tape by Samuel Beckett
Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett

3. You have to learn all time, till the end of your (theatrical) life. Making choices, meeting new people, with different sensibilities, making new performances, roles, searching for best way to do that means that you have to learn. You have to learn new things and repeat the old that you already have, but always you can find something that you miss before and that you will read, find, make later. So you have to learn always, and sometime you have feeling that you will never learn enough. So many things to learn and so little time…

4. You have to work hard, alone and together and with everybody else, and whatever is your role in the theatre, one thing is for sure, you always must work hard. Theatre is collective pleasure, but first everyone must to give the best, it means to spend so much time, so much physical and mental effort, because there are so many things to be done, and the time pass away. You usually don’t have enough time, you are confused and tired, but you are concentrated on the final product, and you are doing what you have to do, what have to be done. So you must to be in good physical and mental condition.

Grotowski Training Methods
Grotowski Training Methods

5. You always have to be in good condition. Yes, you have to be in good condition all the time, because there are so many things to be done, and nobody cares about your condition. It can’t be problem, and if it is, you have to solve it. Sometimes it means to work all day, or all night, because you can’t spend other people time, and to test their patience. And the most important of all, when everything is over, when play is ready, of course it is never over, and ready, always there is something more that can be done, or something to be different, but, audience is in front of, so it is over… You have to find strength for finale, to show the world what you have done, and to shine, with big smile and eyes full with happiness. Audience is not there to see you tired.

6. You have to improvise. It is wonderful, and very responsible.You can’t improvise just for improvisation, but only when you know, and you are sure that it will give better results, or because you have too. And you must see how your improvisation will be reflected on others in the group. If you are actor and if you want to make improvisation you have to be sure that your partner/s will catch it, because sometimes it can make confusion and it will be wrong choice. So you must be careful with improvisations.Sure there are situations when you have to improvise, and then, what is needed to be done will be done…

Flight over cuckoo's nest directed by Aleksandar Morfov
Flight over cuckoo’s nest directed by Aleksandar Morfov

7. You have to be on the stage/or behind. The play is product of everybody who makes it, from play writer, director, various assistants, people who is responsible for music, lights, costumes, make up, scenery, and audience. And they all deserve the some attention, but they are usually behind or in front of the scene.
But if you are actor, you are on the stage, and the most important thing is to love to be there, it must make you happy, to give the sense in your life. In the other way do something different. And, you have to work hard to be there and to stay longer as it possible, to play often and to play the best you can. If you give the most you can everybody will se, and feel it. You can’t hide anything on the scene, and don’t forget, you can’t lie on the stage, the only person you can lie is you…

8. You have to work with/between different people in theatre… and in audience. It is wonderful, it is never the same, always new experience, but it means so different sensibilities, wishes views, opinions… You must to find a way to keep them together, to motivate them, if you are director or producer, and to cooperate with them. If you are actor, of course you have to cooperate, but you must make some kind of intimacy, to be close, friendly, because theatre needs it. It needs good friendly and peaceful atmosphere, because energy of the group is very important for the energy of the plays, shows, performances… You can’t hide it, and audience must fill positive vibrations. They need to enjoy and to get back in the same way. Nobody wants to waste their time for you, they are here for you as much you are on, or behind the scene for them.

Meryl Streep as Mother Courage in Brecht's “Mother Courage and Her Children,” directed by George C. Wolfe
Meryl Streep as Mother Courage in Brecht’s “Mother Courage and Her Children,” directed by George C. Wolfe

9. You must to be used to the fact that people will know you. It means they will love you or not. They will remember you, or they will forget you. You will change your way of life or not. It all depends of you. Popularity can come and go, but true love and hard working is always with you. Because to work theatre (for the most people) is not profession, it is choice, it is life, very hard and amazing in the same time. The theatre needs you, your time, your body, and emotions… all of you. You have to give all you can.