What the Great Brook and Pinter have said about Beckett


An artistic resume is filled with controversy, especially if they are at the very top of their art. In the world of artists, the most valuable respect that any artist can get, is respect by his fellow artist. Because after all, his work prevailed over the consequences of public work and life. The genius French Irishman Samuel Beckett, the man who made the highest impact in the theatre in the second half of the twentieth century, and one of the few from this kind in all literature at all was highly respected among his colleagues.
These are some of them with thoughts on him and his work.


Harold Pinter
Harold Pinter (1930 – 2008)

Further he goes, more I enjoy, I’m not about philosophy, dogmas, believes, exits, truths, answers, nor what is for sale in the basement of society.
He is the bravest of all contemporary writers, further, he puts my face in the shit, I am that much more grateful. He doesn’t play games with me, doesn’t walk me through the park, he doesn’t sell me anything, doesn’t offer medicine or a way out, or a revelation, he doesn’t sell me anything I do not want to buy. He doesn’t give a fuck if a buy or don’t buy, he doesn’t swear with the hand on his heart.
That is why I buy his stuff, I swallow it all the way because he doesn’t leave a single rock intact, a single worm at peace.
He creates a body of beauty.

His work is beautiful!

Harold Pinter


Peter Brook
Peter Brook (1925-today)

Beckett always irritates people with his respect. He creates things. He puts them in front of us, that what he shows us is horrible, and being horrible, at the same time fun.
He shows that there is no way to get out of it, which inevitably makes us bitter. From that, there is no way out. Many still, run to the theatre with expectancy that for about two hours the stage writer will give them some answer. We would never accept an answer he could give us, the again led by some unreasonable logic, we wait.
When some of Beckett pieces are being performed, immediately we can hear: all his pieces are negative. That phrase is most used. And with that exact words I would like to occupy my self because, in my opinion, we do not have anything that will be more positive than Becket’s works.

Peter Brook