Cancun Underwater Museum, Wonderful Experience


Our world is amazing, and there are lots of wonders that deserve to be seen at least once in a lifetime. Some of these wonders are underwater museums around the world, but this time we will divert your attention to the Cancun Underwater Museum.

The Cancun Underwater Museum (MUSA) Mexico, is a project which began with Jason DeCaires Taylor, an English artist teamed up with Jaime Gonzalez, and Roberto Diaz. The underwater museum today consists of three ‘salons’ and includes over 460 statues made by Jason and some other local artists.

It all started when they had to do something about the damage to the local reef areas because hurricanes and tropical storms were taking their toll on these natural gardens.

So, the idea was born, and now there are submerged life-sized statues that create an amazing artificial reef area. The marine life complements and completes the artistry, coral reefs grow so fish could inhabit and breed in and between the sculptures of the underwater museum. Cancun was opened in 2009.

And we have to mention that it’s not easy to sink hundreds of tons of marine concrete whilst protecting the delicate features of the sculptures.

It is an amazing experience and a big tourist attraction.

Enjoy the underwater beauty, that deserves to be visited.

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