The Theatrial Make Up Artists


A professional makeup artist applies makeup to transform or change the face, different parts of the body, or to the whole body if it is needed.

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Looking back at history, we can see that the art of applying makeup goes back 6000 years. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs had servants who were specially trained for applying cosmetics to make them appear like gods.

Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, 1963
Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, 1963

Makeup artists who are working for the theatre production, television and films, are an important part of the team because they transform the actor into the desired character, and change the appearance in a short time frame.

They have to reflect the setting, period, and the situation an actor’s in. They might need to make an actor look younger or older, which sometimes includes making prosthetics or masks from different materials. They must know the effects of the stage’s lighting on the makeup and analyze the effects of lighting between the stage and the audience.

Cate Murphy makeup artist
Cate Murphy makeup artist

They need to evaluate the script, to know everything they need for the period or culture which is presented, to plan for each scene because they have to change makeup very fast. They have to be organized and to know the exact moment to apply it. Every time the play is rehearsed the makeup must be applied the same way, because the makeup show must be almost identical, this is very difficult and requires adequate skills.

Mehron Theatre Character

Theatre makeup artists should also be skincare experts, to prepare the skin for makeup they use different applications and give guidance to actors about keeping the skin fresh and rested. After so many makeups, there may be some potential allergic reactions or negative effects caused by makeup.

A makeup artist who works in a theatre or a film, needs to have many skills, but they usually need to specialize in some types of makeup and application techniques as theatrical, special effects, prosthetics, light bending high definition, etc.

Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire, 1993
Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire, 1993

Being a makeup artist, is a really difficult and important profession. Makeup artists need to be creative, to utilize many skills, they need to be able to work as a part of a team, and very often they work overtime under a lot of pressure. They have to collaborate with the directors, actors, light designers, and especially with costume designers and hairdressers.

Today, they write on their blogs or websites, for magazines, they share their experience and give advice, write their books, and promote themselves.