What You Need to Do to Stay Longer on the Stage…


What you need to do to be better and to stay longer on a stage?

You have to love the stage, to learn all life, and to practice … and practice…

But also, you can learn something from other experiences, methods, techniques and to try…

1. Focus your attention as much as you can on your partner, on piece of scenery or some prop.

fokus on the stage

Keep yourself in the moment and never stare “somewhere” or in the audience (only if you have to address them), because it is obvious to the audience, and it is distracting. Just look at the back of the theater, or to your focus point.

You can’t play with your clothes, touching you’re hair, or use other nervous gestures. You are in the role and you can do only the things that your character will do. Nothing else.

2. Relax before you go on the stage, be alone, be with yourself and try to forget all the things that are making you nervous or bothers you.

relax on the stage

If you are nervous or under tensions it is very obvious on stage. Your voice will sound thin and wavering, and your movements will be uncertain and unattractive.  You have to believe that you are someone else, and fill on the stage like at home, like you have spent all life there. Even when your character have to be nervous, or have to speak loud, you have to be calm inside. So, act dramatic, but be calm inside, and don’t work yourself up.

3. Everything must be visible, so it has to be a little “exaggerated“ on stage.

Everything must be visible

You need to speak clearly, not to loud, no to quietly, just enough and you have to estimate what will be enough for your character and for the audience. Sometimes you have to have the ability to change your voice, because the scene requires it. Eyes, smile, facial expressions, gestures, etc., needs to be more expansive and dramatic than in the real life, because the audience has to see and feel them.  The emotions on your face needs to be intensive but you must be careful because you can over-act.

4. You are you character, you have to be in the role completely.

Seagull (Чайка), Chekhov, Saint Petersburg
Seagull (Чайка), Chekhov, Saint Petersburg

Save your pretending for the real life, you need to become the character you are playing. You have to learn, know and fill how she/he thinks, how reacts to life, you have to give your voice and body, to move and walks like she/he does. You have to disappear but also somehow be on the stage. Always stay in that state of mind when acting, if you need to be sad be sad, if you need to be happy, be happy, do anything what she/ he will do, and feel whatever she/he does. Don’t pretend, audience will notice it. “Simply” do not try to act the character just be the character.

5. You have to practice… practice… and practice…

It is not easy, of course, but remember all good actors, performers, artists, are good because they are practicing, they are working hard, they are living for the stage. We have mentioned these lot of times and we will mentioned it again, to live on the stage it is not profession, it s not job, it is endless love.

And remember, not all of us are “Born” for the stage. We are all different and difference is the beauty.