Make Your Home Puppet Theatre


It is not difficult, make some time and use your fantasy and make (or buy) several different puppets. Make your children happy and have fun.

To help you in your selection will show you several different types of puppets


Various types of puppets

There are various types of puppets, they can be made of a wide range of materials, and can be very simple extremely complex. A puppet can be manipulated and animated by one or more a puppeteer


Finger Puppet

Finger puppets have a tube that fits over the finger, or they have two fingers poke through the puppet’s torso to become the legs. They can be decorated and dressed in different ways depend of the concept of plays, and their Stages are usually very small and simple.

finger puppets 2


Junk Puppet

The junk puppet is everyday objects like socks, cartons, cans, which with little fantasy and on the hands of a talented puppeteer, can became magical.

junk puppet


Hand Puppet or Glove Puppet

There are many variations hand puppets and they often are called a glove puppet’s. If the puppet does not have a movable mouth, three fingers on one hand become the neck and two arms.

hand puppet


Pop-up Puppet

You can find this puppets every toy store, consists of a cone and a vertical rod, and puppet to the top of the rod. When you are pushing the rod up and down, you can make the puppet appear and disappear.

pup-up puppet

Only one think you need is to have a good story and a small and simple stage like this

puppet stage

or like this

simple puppet stage

And the fun can start.