Why (not) to be an Actor???

“Acting is standing up naked and turning around very slowly.” – Rosalind Russell

Can you do this?

Why to be or not to be an actor is an old question, and we guess that there are so many different answers, depended on time, culture and personal view.

We believe that if you ask yourself why, and if you search for the correct answer, is it better to find another job. We believe that being an actor is not a job, it is love, way of living, and that you can’t choose it, because you can’t choose art, art choosing you. And any reasonable reason can make you actor, but can’t make you brilliant, and it can’t last forever. We believe that you must be searching for art in you, deeply and all life, not your place in art. Because, theatre, art, live forever, and that is only important, to be part of it and to give something in that (we hope) never-ending story. But maybe we are a little old fashion???
In postmodern so material world, when we have to live fast and furious, in technological and electronic development, it seems we have less time to think, to feel, to talk with our souls, and to grow up spiritually. Life is too short, we have to survive, and old fashion rules must be changed, adapted and rejected. So, searching in the virtual world, on Internet, we can find a lot of examples, rules you must follow, advice, personal experiences, which can help you, if you have a dilemma, or to make your wish stronger and to make others take you seriously. Let see some of them:

1. YOU CAN BE FAMOUS – Many people over history and over the world want to be famous, even for five minutes and they can make everything to make real their dreams. So, yes, you can there are many famous actors in the world, but not every actor is famous, it doesn’t less forever, and it brings and some thins which can make you problems too: have to change your way of living, you have no more time for things which you do before, and people you loved, you must always be in perfect form and to look perfect, and happy, you need to be kind with everyone, you have to do a lot of things which you never did before. The public will love you, or hate you, will remember and forget you, you can never be sure. Are you still with us???

2. YOUR LIFE WILL BE FULL OF FUN– yes, acting is one of the most fun and exciting work, full of surprises: You will be between celebrities and famous people, you can travel a lot, you can’t be invited and going in the bests parties… You will be in covers of most popular magazines, But, first read again the number one, and then it means less sleep, less free time, more diets, more smiles, and crowd around … If you are still whit us, let see the reason tree.

3. YOU CAN BE RICH – yes, of course, but don’t forget, nothing lasts forever, and easily come easy go, or the more you have the more you give… and the tax is bigger… and at least you have to work very hard. And running for all of this you might forget what was your first idea, to be an ACTOR….

to be or not to beSo we believe that is the most important reason to be an actor is to want it, to need it, to love it, to live it and to not ask you why… To work hard and continue, to act, to read, to search, to work on yourself every day, to feel deep, to be happy whit who and what are you, and trying to be better, and stronger… The question is “To be or not to be“, and we believe, that you can find answers, just in one place, deep in your heart!!!